CEO’s Statement

The material and chemical industries are important industries that account for a substantial ratio of all industrial activities in Japan. Japanese companies have brought about many innovations in this field, supporting the growth and development of other industries as well. In recent years, the positioning of Japanese material and chemical companies in the global arena has improved dramatically with the growing prosperity of electronics product markets, as markets targeted by these companies have more than doubled over the past 10 years. At the same time, however, many companies have been struggling to achieve balanced profit structures, and have had to create new businesses or make changes to those profit structures.

Universal Materials Incubator Co., Ltd. (UMI) was established in October 2015 based on the vision of “Strengthening Japan’s technological capabilities by fostering outstanding material and chemical companies, and cultivating an industry structure that can compete in the global arena.” Our goal is to advance outstanding technologies and businesses at Japanese companies and academic institutions that will lay the foundations for future industry, and to foster the human resources essential to those activities, in order to establish a platform for creating new business in these industries.

UMI 1 Limited Partnership, which recently began operations, is the first step in building this platform. The path to success will by no means be an easy one; this success can only be achieved with the cooperation of many partners in the material and chemical industries, and in other fields as well. Through the establishment and management of this fund, and with your invaluable assistance, we hope to contribute to growth and innovations in the Japanese material and chemical industries.

Universal Materials Incubator Co., LTD
Managing Director and Partner
Seiichi Tsukioka


Managing Partner, CEO

Seiichi Tsukioka

After joining Sony Co., Ltd. in 1974, he involved in the recording media business. In 1987, he was assigned as a member of the establishment of SONY regional headquarter in Europe and fulfilled his mission. After working as Global Marketing GM, he became Vice President of SONY Europe. In 2003, he was appointed President of Sony Chemicals Co., Ltd. He implemented a corporate reformation program and successfully transformed Sony Chemicals into a highly profitable company. In 2008, he joined Inoac Corporation as a senior managing director and made a big contribution in new businesses development. In 2015, he participated in Innovation Network Corporation of Japan as a senior advisor and became founding member of UMI. He graduated from Kinki University.

Partner, CPO

Kiichiro Ohya

After he joined JGC Corporation, he took part in research development, plant design and building, and project management. In 1970, he worked as an invited researcher at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). After working at McKinsey & Company in 1977, and serving as Executive Vice President at Celanese Japan in 1982, he became President at Raychem Japan, and an Executive Vice President of Raychem Headquarters. He pushed forward their main construction, building the cutting-edge, automated factory. In 1997, he assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer at Jasdic Park Company. He promoted its merger with an Indian IT company, and the company was sold to Deloitte in 2002. In 2002, he became Chairman of Microhard Corporation, the start-up company of rolled copper foil. In 2006, he became CTO / CIO of Inoac Corporation. In 2015, he joined UMI. He graduated from Waseda University.

Partner, CIO

Shosuke Kiba Ph.D.

After joining Toyota Tsusho Corporation in 2005, he was seconded to Toyota Motor Corporation and worked in the Materials Engineering Department. Although being a trading company employee, he engaged in the development of plastic products as an engineer. After returning to Toyota Tsusho Corporation, he instituted new businesses in new materials field at the Energy and Chemical Division. He was also in charge of investment and global extension of start-up companies. He joined Innovation Network Corporation of Japan in 2012, where he contributed to setting up Materials and Chemicals Team, and led investments in materials and chemicals field. He joined UMI in April 2016. He graduated from Waseda University, with MS degree in Science and Engineering. He obtained his Ph.D degree from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Bio-Applications and System Engineering.

Member of the Board
(INCJ,Co-Chief Investment Officer)

Shigeyuki Tsuchida

In 1986, he joined the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, where he was in charge of structured products at the Financial Instruments and Exchange division. He joined The Norinchukin Bank in 2001. He assumed the role of Corporate Officer, Deputy General Manager of investment banks and industrial corporations at Aozora Bank, Ltd. In 2009, he assumed the role of corporate executive officer and a Director of Management at the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan. Since March 2013, he has managed start-up investments as the Chief of Strategic Investment Group. He was also in charge of many other projects such as LP, business restructuring, and materials and chemical businesses. In June 2013, he assumed the role of Executive Operating Officer. In June 2016, he assumed the role of Managing Director. He graduated from Waseda University Department of Law.

Audit & Supervisory
Board Member
(INCJ,Managing Director)

Tomohiro Tange

He joined Ernst & Young (EYTAS) in 2006. He was involved in various valuations, restructuring and structuring advices. He joined the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan in 2010 and was involved in investment strategy planning, new business investments, acquisition of foreign companies, curve-outs, ventures investments and fund investments. He has mainly focused on the development of new fields and matching of startup-companies with large companies in the areas of robotics, AI/IoT/Big data, industrial Internet, digital health care etc. He graduated from USC, Marshall School of Business with as BS in Corporate Finance.

Company Profile

Company Name
Universal Materials Incubator Co., Ltd.
19,000,000 Yen
Main Shareholder
Innovation Network Corporation of Japan : INCJ
October 6, 2015
St Luke’s Garden Tower 32F
Akashi-cho 8-1
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan [Map]
TEL +81-3-5148-5241 FAX +81-3-5148-5242
Board of Directors
Seiichi Tsukioka
Kiichiro Ohya
Shosuke Kiba
Shigeyuki Tsuchida ( INCJ, Co-Chief Investment Officer )
Tomohiro Tange ( INCJ, Managing Director )
Legal Counsel
Shigeki Tatsuno ( Anderson Mori & Tomotsune, Partner )

Outline of Operating Fund(UMI 1 Limited Partnership)

UMI I Limited Partnership
Total Commitment
10.01 billion JPY
January 1, 2016
December 31,2023 (Possible duration would be until July 31, 2024)