Our Vision

To strengthen Japan’s
by fostering
outstanding material
and chemical
and cultivate an industry structure
that can compete
in the global arena

Our Mission


Seek out exceptional
technologies and
Draw attention to exceptional technologies and technologists in the material and chemical fields, and actively seek out those technologies and technologists that will contribute to Japanese industry in the future.


Provide appropriate
equity investment and
management support
Contribute to the creation of new business by providing equity investment and appropriate management support to foster promising and technologies and technologists.


Guarantee sustainability
for new business
Create new businesses through IPOs and M&As involving existing companies, establish new industry structures, and guarantee sustainability for new business.

About us

UMI undertakes equity investments in the chemical and material science fields, which were considered difficult in the past due to the need for professional expertise and insights.
We provide a platform for the creation of new businesses, connecting not only chemical and material companies, but a broad range of other user industries as well.

Concept of Venture Capital dedicated to material and chemicals